Ode to Whitney

As a young girl I remember watching Whitney Houston belt out melodies with such strength and passion.  She was my inspiration.  I grew up singing her songs and imagining I was on stage with her.  As I grew up, I continued to follow her career.  We had a lot in common.  I knew if God could give her such a precious gift and gave her an audience, surely He could do the same for me.  But as her life began to crumble before the eyes of the world I thought about why it was happening.  Fame and fortune are not for the weak of heart.  When you are expected to give 1000% as Whitney did every day for so many years, that pressure takes a toll on your heart and soul.  Whitney was caving in to the pressures around her and she didn’t see a way out.  So she gave in.  I didn’t want that life.

Now, I see what I am purposed to do.  As a team, my husband and I dream of affecting change in Hollywood.  We know the pressures that the media and the industry puts on artists.  We want to bring about a new perspective for those artists.  Maybe by being a quiet, supportive voice, we can help take some of that pressure off so the artist can perform as they really want to.  Nothing crushes art like the weight of the world.

So as the world mourns the loss of yet another mega-talent, may our eyes be opened and our hearts forever changed.

May you rest in peace, Ms. Houston, and the angels guide you swiftly home.


Whitney Houston


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